The following backgrounds are available for
All of our Poem Plaques and Name Meaning Plaques.

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pastel color canyon with cougar and eagle tiger on river bank with trees tiger in river with trees & shrubs 10 x 8 print, large tiger in deep orange sunset pale orange sunset with tiger and eagle
Cougar CanyonTigerTiger River Tiger Sunset
(10 x 8)
Eagle and Tiger
white tiger in jungle bright blue river with white tiger walking on river's edge blue & green jungle scene with white tiger on rock and waterfall jungle with black panther colorful jungle scene with black panther meeting a python
White Tiger
White Tiger
White Tiger
blue snow scene with many wolves deep blue night scene of wolf pack & full moon snowy scene of wolf howling at full moon with wolf face in moon snowy scene of lone wolf howling into the wind snowy scene with moon rising over mountains, wolf calling to pack
WolvesWolf PackWolf Moon Wolf SongWolves in Snow
colorful canyon with wolf on rock outcropping canyon with waterfall, wolf on rocks, eagle flying over tree photograph: wolf pair in snow black wolf in forest scene woodgrain with 'parchment' space for poem & message; wolf head
Wolf CanyonWolf FallsWolf Pair Wolf BlackWood Wolf
two adorable black bear cubs photograph: grizzly bears fishin in waterfall pastel image of mountains & clouds; clouds form bear image deep orange sunset with male lion on rock lion sillouette looking into bright sunset; large male lion head in sky
Bear Cubs
(8 x 10)
Bear BreakfastBear Spirit Lion 1Lion 2
8 x 10 white tail buck, doe & fawn in forest buck and doe at edge of meadow mule deer buck & small herd in front of snow capped mountains photograph: large white tail buck mule deer buck at edge of forest stream
Deer Forest
(8 x 10)
Deer MeadowDeer Mountain Deer StagDeer Stream
cloudy desert scene with flying fire breathing dragon snowy mountains with dragon on rock photograph: snow fox sleeping culed up on snow white tail buck at edge of lake, fisherman, snowy mountains, fluffy clouds, pine trees; bald eagle soaring overhead majestic buck elk & two does at edge of lake in front of purple snow covered mountains
Dragon 1Dragon 2Fox in Snow Mtn. MajestyMtn. Monarch
one eagle perched above nest while cougar lurks below; second eagle flying in to defend nest eagle returns to nest to find cougar threatening from rocks above white stallion rearing on snow covered mountain top; starburst sun with large horse head in sky chestnut mare & paint colt running accross desert starburst sun with mystical white horse watching three horses crossing river
Eagle's Nest 1Eagle's Nest 2Horse Stallion HorsesHorses Crossing
starburst sun in purple sky over 3 white horses crossing stream cowboy next to horse on mesa overlooking canyon & river colorful, cowboy on horseback crossing river Native Amer. Maiden with cougar Native Amer. Warrior with wolf
Horses Wild
(10 x 8)
Cowboy CanyonCowboy River Heart of the
Heart of the

All backgrounds are 11" by 8-1/2", unless otherwise noted.

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