Like our Poem Plaques, but want a longer Personal Message?


Are the perfect choice!

Like our regular Poem Plaques, Deluxe Poem Plaques
are Original Poems,
Laser Printed on Elegant Background Papers.*
Then they are mounted in a Beautiful
Walnut Finish or Black Marble-Look Wood Plaque
Under a Protective Acrylic Cover.

But Deluxe Poem Plaques have an added feature:
A Brass Engraving Plate for your personal message!

There is enough room to list the Boys' Names
or whatever else you want to say!

9" x 12" Plaque (5"x7" Poem)     12" x 15" Plaque (8" x 10" Poem)     12" x 15" Plaque (8" x 10" Poem)   
Eagle in Clouds Background (trimmed)   Eagle in Clouds Background (trimmed)  Wolfsong Background (trimmed)  
Walnut Finish Wood  Walnut Finish Wood  Black Marble-Look Wood  

Choose the Thank You Poem created especially for
these Special Occasions:

"My Mentor"     A poem from an Eagle to his Mentor
"Eagle to Eagle"     A poem from an Eagle to a leader who is also an Eagle
"For Everything You Do"     A poem from an Eagle to his Parent(s) or Leader
"The Leader of The Pack"     A poem from a graduating Den to their Pack Leader
"Akela's Hat"     A poem from a Pack to a Leader who is leaving
"Our Den Leader"     A poem from a boy or a Den to his or their Leader
"All the Way"     A poem from a boy or Den to their Leader from first through fifth grades
"On The Bridge"     A poem from a graduating boy to his Parent(s), or a Den to their Leader
"To The Rescue"     A poem from a Den Leader or Leaders to a Parent or Ass't. Leader

To Read a Poem click on the name of the poem above.

All Poems Suzanne A. Lentchner

Poems may not be copied, in whole or in part, without written permission.


12" by 15" Plaque holds 8" by 10" Poem* . . . . . . . . $ 49.95

9" by 12" Plaque holds 5" by 7" Poem* . . . . . . . . $ 41.95

California Residents add 7.75% Sales Tax

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*Most Background Papers are 8-1/2" by 11"and must be trimmed
to fit 5"x7" and 8"x10" openings.
(Some Backgrounds not recommended for trimming.)
See Background Choices pages for available background images.